Yoga Mat Sanitizer Spray

Yoga Mat Sanitizer Spray


Lavender. Lemongrass

50 ml

Ollie is a bit of a clean freak, so I always clean my yoga mat after every use. I use a few spritzes of an essential oil-based yoga mat sanitizer spray, wipe the mat down with a soft cloth, then lay it out to air-dry. Easy peasy!


Why don't I use a commercial cleaner, you ask? Well, as much I love being clean, I still wouldn’t want to get Lysol on my skin when I lie down for savasana. Besides, many products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of porous yoga mats. That’s why I’m sticking to an all-natural yoga mat sanitizer!


Ollie’s yoga mat cleaner saves you the trouble of mixing your own ingredients and contains antibacterial and antifungal essential oils!


The ingredient list has tea tree essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, ethanol and distilled water.


  • A composition of various fragrant and reinvigorating essential oils 
  • Natural cleanser, multi-purpose, and refreshing 
  • Anti-bacterial and fungal fighting properties


This yoga mat sanitiser can also be used as a fabric sanitiser! Give your couch, cushions or linen a spritz of the sanitiser for a quick cleanse and keep it smelling incredible.