Sweet Orange Oil

Sweet Orange Oil


Citrus Sinensis

100% Pure Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is my happy oil. It reminds me of summer, sunshine, and fun. With its zesty, fresh citrus scent, sweet orange oil is a great way to add a pop of colour into your aromatherapy. 


Known for its anti-microbial, anti-depressant, digestive, stimulant aroma therapeutic properties, just a few drops of this essential oil will uplift your day.


Treat dry, irritated or calloused skin by adding 3-4 drops of sweet orange oil to your moisturizer. Burnt toast stinking up your kitchen? No worries! Wipe the counter and spray some sweet orange oil room mist (recipe in my blog). This oil has amazing cleaning properties, and above all, smells delicious! It’ll instantly clear the air of any yucky smells.


Oh, also, if you want a taste of that yummy orange flavour, Sweet Orange Essential oil is food grade, which means you can add it to your food. Hello, orange cake! And it aids digestion and is great for calming the tummy!


Kids at home? Sweet orange oil is considered a great oil for children for its mild and gentle properties. You can even make some soothing orange-flavoured throat lozenges with sweet orange oil and spearmint oil for your kids.