Spearmint Oil

Spearmint Oil


Mentha Spicata

100% Pure Essential Oil

Don’t you just love the cool, invigorating scent that spearmint oil imparts to whatever it is added to? If you love the cooling, minty taste in your toothpaste or candy, then you are already familiar with the taste and smell of spearmint oil! 


Spearmint oil is widely used in gums, candies, and dental products for its minty taste, and to promote fresh breath. It is also used for its various digestive benefits.


I love mint candies, but I hate the store-bought kind with its excess sugar and artificial flavouring. Instead, make your own mint candies with spearmint essential oil. Best of all? Ollie’s Spearmint Oil is child-safe, so you can even rope in your kids for a fun candy making session!


I am all for DIY and my blog (coming soon) contains great recipes for you to make full use of your bottle of Ollie’s Spearmint oil. Spearmint oil’s antibacterial properties and minty scent is great for making your own mouthwashes, toothpaste, and cleansing toners.