Somali Frankincense Oil

Somali Frankincense Oil


Boswellia Carterii

100% Pure Essential Oil


The “King of Essential Oils”—-Somali Frankincense oil is one of the luxury essential oils in Ollie’s oil collection. Known for its aromatic and healing properties, this warm, smoky, balsamic oil is nature’s best-kept secret for all-rounder mental and physical well-being.


Used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies as a meditation and spiritual aid, try Frankincense oil for its calming, centering and tension-reducing properties. 


Modern-day lifestyles have us all stressed and burnt-out. Try two drops of Somali Frankincense with two drops of Ollie’s Mysore Sandalwood oil in your self-care aromatherapy routine for an instant energy lift.


The best use of Somali Frankincense Oil is in perfumes and skin-care products. Head over to my blog for a wealth of information on how you can mix-and-match Ollie’s Somali Frankincense oil to make your own gorgeous smelling aromatherapy creations.

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