Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss


Treating yourself and your loved ones to an aromatherapy moment is an excellent way to unwind and recharge - especially after the holiday craziness. 


Harness the invigorating, energizing and soothing scents of lemongrass, geranium and cinnamon through the Pure Bliss Box. 


This is our only gift box that comes with our state of the art nebulizer. Sleek and water-free, it turns essential oils into an undiluted gas-like mist and is super effective if you have large space to cover.


Like all our products, Pure Bliss Box is made sustainability, is plant based and non-toxic. 


This box contains

- Essential Oil Nebulizer

- Kochi Lemongrass 10ml

- Egyptian Geranium 10ml

- Ceylon Cinnamon Bark 10ml