Baking Gift Bundle

Baking Gift Bundle


Did you know that our essential oils are food grade, and can be used in your cooking?

Baking can be therapeutic. Baking is also about aromatherapy. From that chocolate peppermint cookies that your family loves to the lemon pound cake that you enjoy with a steaming cup of Earl Grey, baking can be the ultimate stress-reliever...


... Even more so when a few drops of the right essential oil can help make your recipes magical.  


This very special Baking Gift Bundle consists of: 


Are essential oils edible? 

Yes! The essential oils in Ollie’s baking bundle can be taken internally, in the right dilutions of course!

Looking for essential oils to give as gifts? Ollie’s baking bundle is a great gift for anyone who likes to bake and cook. Another great gifting option is Ollie's Wellness Gift Bundle.

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