Lemon Oil


Citrus Limon

100% Pure Essential Oil


Lemon is a popular fruit that grows in different parts of the world. Unlike most essential oils lemon oil and other citrus oils are produced by cold pressing the peel of the fruit. Typically, the fruit pulp is used in the food industry and the leftover peel, a by product, is used for oil production.


Did you know that it takes about 125 kilos of lemons to make 1 kilo of oil?


Lemon oil is known for its anti bacterial, anti ageing, antioxidant, antiseptic, digestive, anti fungal, anti microbial, disinfectant and anti allergenic properties. 


One caution, however: lemon oil, being a cold pressed oil, is phototoxic. This means that you must avoid exposure to direct sunlight for about 12 hours after application on skin. 

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