Essential Oil Nebulizer

Essential Oil Nebulizer


Enjoy the goodness of essential oils without the mess! This state-of-the-art water-free nebulizer is super effective if you have large space to cover.

Take out the round glass atomizing bulb, wooden base, and USB cable from the grey bag.

Align the protruding tube at the bottom of the glass atomizing bulb with the hole in the round rubber gasket of the wooden base, and insert gently. Ensure that the bulb is fitted perfectly.


  • Open the glass lid.
  • Drop 10-15 drops of pure essential oil into the glass bulb.
  • Cover the glass lid.
  • Connect the nebulizer to a power supply using the USB cable.


Et Voila! Breathe in!


If you're new to diffusing, fear not. The nebulizer is easy to clean. Use alcohol, dish soap, and water! That's it! We recommend you clean the glass bulb once a week for optimal results.