Dirt Be Gone

Dirt Be Gone


A mild all-surface cleaner made from plant based ingredients.

Ever wondered what goes into most store-bought cleaning sprays and table wipes? Harsh synthetic chemicals, that’s what. 


Phthalates, parabens, sulphates, ammonia — these are just a small list of the toxic, cancer causing, health destroying chemicals that go into your name-brand store-bought home cleaners.


What if you could keep your living and working spaces clean without putting yourself or your loved ones or colleagues in the presence of harmful chemicals? 


Meet Dirt Be Gone —  our everyday cleaner made from only plant based ingredients and essential oils. This soap based spray can be used on any non-porous surface for a quick yet effective clean.


Safe to use around kids and pets, rest assured that you are keeping your family clean, protected, and synthetic chemical-free with just a few spritz of this cleaner. And gentle on mama Earth too!


Plus, protect the environment when you use this cleaner because Dirt Be Gone comes in 100% post consumer plastic! Yes, you got that right, no virgin plastic went into the making of this bottle.