Aromatherapy Gift Box

Aromatherapy Gift Box


Looking to gift your friend a way to relax during the holiday season? Here's something to help recreate a spa experience!

Many of us like to use essential oils for aromatherapy, simply because they smell good. They also make a wonderful gift.. afterall, who doesn't like to be gifted a little treasure box that smells heavenly and re-creates a spa experience? 

Whether you're looking to increase sleep quality, imrpove focus when working or recover faster from that nasty bug, theres always an oil or three that you can diffuse and let it do its magic. Thats aromatherapy for you. 


This very special Aromatherapy Gift Box consists of: 


Looking for essential oils to give as gifts this holiday season? Ollie’s Family Gift Box has something in there for everyone in the family. Another great option is our Wellness Gift Box, which makes for a perfect care package.

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