Ollie's Blog: Information on Essential Oils

How to use essential oils in the right way? How to diffuse essential oils? Which essential oils to use to cure headaches and other ailments? Ollie is here to answer all your questions and more! Read our blog to get product information and learn about how we source our natural essential oils.


Best essential oils for headaches


Headaches begone! Choose your favourite calming scent and add it to a massage oil to relieve headaches or tense muscles. My personal favourite? Ollie’s kochi lemongrass essential oil. I personally sourced Ollie lemongrass oil from Kerala, India, and it smells absolutely amazing. Aaaah.

Best essential oils for hair growth

Ollie’s nilgiri eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe damaged scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Mysore sandalwood oil also tightens skin tissue and strengthens hair roots. The anti-bacterial nature of sandalwood soothes sensitive scalps and prevents icky dandruff. 


Best essential oils for sleep

I love using essential oils to help me sleep like a baby! Ollie’s himalayan lavender essential oil is the best oil to diffuse in the air before bed for a calming and relaxing effect. Another great oil is himalayan cedarwood oil, which clears my mind for quality zzz’s. 


Best essential oils for sinus


Feeling all stuffy-nosed? The best essential oils for clearing your sinus are nilgiri eucalyptus oil and peppermint oils, which help to ease congestion and promote sinus drainage. I personally sourced both oils so they are of utmost quality - perfect for Ollie-lovers with sensitive sinuses.